Aspen Tan is now on foursquare! Be sure to check-in every time you come in. FREE lotion packets after 5 check-ins. Aspen Tan is also looking for a Mayor! hurry up and check-in!

We're on Flavors.me now where you can be directed to all of our social media platforms!


Come in to see the newest member of our aspen tan family, Yoshi! Snap a pic with him and send your twitpic to @AspenTan

New prototype for an Aspen Tan Iphone App. Upload a picture of yourself, select the bed or Versaspa you want to go into, and for how long, and the app will adjust your photo to show you how your bronze will come out!
SeaWorld Orlando: 1 dead at SeaWorld Orlando Shamu attraction - latimes.com

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Did Lindsay Lohan's line of Self Spray Tanning lotion ever take off? is it any good? Looking to hear the deets!!

Here are some fun games to play brought to you by Nuero Drinks

Access Hollywood GTL With 'Jersey Shore': a Guide to Guido Grooming on SlashControl
Just found this interesting blog on social media and Fashion Week.... Speaking of which, Who's going to Aspen Fashion week in March? It's only two short weeks away!!

Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards

MMMM, just tried out some of these SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers by Juice Beauty! Available in three yummy flavors and perfect for keeping your lips protected before going in a bed!